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Born Xinghua City in Jiangsu Province.

Korean War[edit]

On January 11, 1953, Zhang, who had been enrolled in the army for no more than two years and together with soldiers of 8th company, 214th Regiment, 24th Corps, he was assigned to Triangle Hill, equipped with an old Mosin-Nagant without a PU scope.

After waiting 18 days at his position, Zhang spotted an enemy and immediately aimed and fired 12 shots, only to miss them all. This eager action attracted enemy fire, which almost killed him. After this, he carefully analyzed why he failed and figured out a technique using the iron sight to improve his shooting ability. He shot down one enemy the next day.

On February 15, he hit 7 enemies with 9 bullets, which surpassed the ratio of many experienced snipers.It is claimed He achieved a total of 214 confirmed kills on UN troops, all American,[3] in 32 days,[4] with only 442 bullets [5]


In 2003, Zhang was the topic of a CCTV documentary.



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Name Taofang, Zhang
Alternative names
Short description Chinese sniper
Date of birth 1931
Place of birth China
Date of death April 29, 2007
Place of death China

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